1. Book Printing with Affinity Publisher and the PRO-1000

    01 Feb 2021
    Almost two years ago, I started preparations for printing my first self-printed portfolio. Unfortunately a lot of other projects stalled my progress and only now, under the third Corona-lockdown here in Austria, I have been able to pick up where I left back then. The custom-made leather album from Heiner…

  2. Why ProPhoto RGB as Working Color Space?

    24 Mar 2019
    In an earlier post on my printing workflow, I mentioned using the ProPhoto RGB color space for editing (“working color space”) and the reasons behind that choice. This post explores this topic further, looking closer at the gamuts of photos and modern output devices and how they relate to sRGB…

  3. Starting a Printed Portfolio

    23 Feb 2019
    The goal of building up a printed portfolio was one of the reasons for me buying a printer. So soon after getting the printer I started to put some thoughts and research into how to present that portfolio. A bound book would provide great look and feel, but I ruled…