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  1. Exposure Times with the Canon R5

    23 Aug 2022

    In my recent post on diffraction blur and lens sharpness, I started to take a closer look at factors to be considered when wanting to make full use of a high resolution sensor such as the one in my new Canon R5 with 45 megapixels. In this post I would…

  2. Lens Sharpness and Diffraction Blur with the Canon R5

    13 Aug 2022

    I recently upgraded from my 5D Mark III DSLR to a Canon R5 mirror-less camera, jumping from a 23 megapixel sensor to a 45 megapixel sensor. With the new camera I quickly realized that to make full use of its additional resolution,  it is necessary to adapt my shooting technique…

  3. Large Panoramic Prints with the PRO-1000

    10 Jun 2022

    So far I have limited my prints to maximum size of A2 (42x59,4cm or 16.53x23.39”, with a printable area of 41.32x58.60cm or 16.27x23.07”). Only in some rare instances I felt limited by that, since I was not able to produce true 40x60cm prints, a common size for framing, and only…

  4. A Guide to the Internal Color Calibration of Canon Printers

    29 May 2022

    In this post I wanted to shed some light on the internal color calibration feature that is built into many of Canon’s professional photo printers. While Canon user guides explain how such calibrations shall be performed, I was not able to find good documentation explaining the concepts and recommended workflows…

  5. Testing the Black and White Photo mode of the PRO-1000

    26 May 2022

    When it comes to printing black and white images with the PRO-1000, you have two options: first, you can use the normal color mode with an ICC profile. Second, you can use the printer’s dedicated Black and White Photo mode (henceforth “BW mode”), which is an available option in the…

  6. Editing Silver Efex 2 Smart Filters after installing Silver Efex 3

    21 May 2022

    As you may know from reading my previous posts, I am a big fan of the NIK Collection, first released by NIK Software, then for some time taken over by Google and now being owned and further developed by DXO. Especially Silver Efex is for me the best and most…

  7. A Review of the Hahnemühle Matte FineArt Textured Collection

    29 Mar 2022

    Already a few years back I wrote an article on the different papers in Hahnemühle’s Glossy FineArt Collection. Please check out that article for why I went with Hahnemühle as paper manufacturer and some basic information on their paper collections By and large my printing has been focused on semi-gloss…

  8. Book Printing with Affinity Publisher and the PRO-1000

    01 Feb 2021

    Almost two years ago, I started preparations for printing my first self-printed portfolio. Unfortunately a lot of other projects stalled my progress and only now, under the third Corona-lockdown here in Austria, I have been able to pick up where I left back then. The custom-made leather album from Heiner…

  9. Why ProPhoto RGB as Working Color Space?

    24 Mar 2019

    In an earlier post on my printing workflow, I mentioned using the ProPhoto RGB color space for editing (“working color space”) and the reasons behind that choice. This post explores this topic further, looking closer at the gamuts of photos and modern output devices and how they relate to sRGB…

  10. Starting a Printed Portfolio

    23 Feb 2019

    The goal of building up a printed portfolio was one of the reasons for me buying a printer. So soon after getting the printer I started to put some thoughts and research into how to present that portfolio. A bound book would provide great look and feel, but I ruled…

  11. Choosing Paper from Hahnemühle’s Glossy FineArt Collection

    18 Apr 2018

    While choosing a printer and finding a printing workflow were rather mundane, technical steps on the way into the world of printing, testing and selecting different types of fine art paper was much more emotional and fun. The feel, visible texture and finish of high-end paper contributes a lot to…

  12. Canon PRO-1000 Media Types

    10 Mar 2018

    In this article I’d like to shed some light on managing media types with the Canon PRO-1000 (and other Canon printers), based on my own experience and Canon’s documentation on the topic Why should you care? For Canon printers, the media types tell the printer how to handle a specific…

  13. Finding a Printing Workflow

    21 Feb 2018

    In the first few months after buying the Canon PRO-1000, I spent a lot of time figuring out a good and efficient printing workflow. This article describes the steps I now take for preparing an image for print and sending it to the printer, with the hope to help other…

  14. Buying a Printer

    10 Dec 2017

    Over the course of the last few years, I became more interested in printing my work. First came calendars, simple photo books and a few framed photos on the wall. Seeing my photos in print changed how I perceive and value them. Printing itself adds an additional element of craftsmanship…

  15. Customizing my Format Site

    14 Nov 2017

    As a follow-up on my first post, here some details on how the customization of my Format website worked out for me and on a few obstacles I faced. This post is only relevant to you if you are about to set up your own Format site General Typology and

  16. A New Platform for The Ninth

    12 Nov 2017

    Welcome to the completely new The Ninth website!  In this blog post I would like to write a few lines on why I choose my new website platform Format, and about my experiences in setting up this website with them. Starting Point The original site launched in 2007 was based…

  17. Visiting Haleakala

    28 Feb 2016

    Today I would like to show you a series of landscape pictures, taken on the Haleakala volcano in Maui, Hawaii. Florian, one of my best friends, recently moved from Vienna to Maui. I visited him for the first time in February 2015 to attend his wedding and now again over…